Salming PowerRay Racket

PowerRay is a force of nature – sun ray 14/18 string pattern for greater spin in a super light frame of 123 grams. Construction is a super-light carbon with high impact resin and mixed vectran fiber. It is strung with Salming PA1 Purity™ – which is a fusion of a mono core string with a DuPont™ Nomex® fiber

Handle Slim elipse shape, circumference 88mm
Material comp High Modulus Carbon + Vectran
String tension 11 kg / 24 lbs
Color White
Frame weight 123 g +/- 3 g, 4,34 oz

String PA1 PURITY reinforced with Dupont Nomex™
String pattern 14/18
Rec tension 8-12 kg / 18-26 lbs
Head size 495 cm2 - 76,7 inch2
Total size 685 mm
Balance 386 mm